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Thursday, 22 December 2011

How to Choose Good Profile Picture ...!!!!

What do most social sites, like Twitter, Facebook etc. have in common? Give up? All of those sites ask for an display image of you to include in your profile. So what makes a good social media photo?

                           Y Good Profile Pictures Matter ???

OK, I will admit it. This week I am taking advantage of this platform to address one of my personal pet peeves. It really bugs me when I see social media photos that are of poor quality .

It turns out that first impressions are important. They set the tone for the relationships that follow. Perhaps more importantly, first impressions are also extremely difficult to change. And if you think about it, today, especially with the increased popularity of social pictures, first impressions are mostly online.

So, first impression is last impression....!!

Come on admit it. You Google people. I know I do. I Google clients, customers, competitors, my critics, (and all right, I admit it, I occasionlly Google old flames, 2.)

We all do it.

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