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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) Preview


Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 V logo
Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) is upcoming Rockstar game which have been delaying from past year . Last year on October 2011 GTA V have been announced by Rockstar and a trailer was also reveiled but after that it is said that the game would be released in Q4 2012 . but now in Q4 of 2012 a second trailer of game is unveiled including many of game screen shots but the game is again delayed to  second quarter of 2013.

No doubts it would be one of fascinating and best role playing game of 2013 as its previous version GTA vice city , GTA san andreas and GTA IV have been. And It would be Action Adventure and open world game same as its previous version

GTA V will be released on xbox 360 and play station 3 and it will include both single player and multiplayer.

The released screen shots and trailer give us a bit of idea about the gameplay and graphics. The graphics of GTA V look superb from trailer and any one can easily differentiate between GTA IV and GTA V graphics and screen shots are also good with better models, lightning.

Gameplay :-

Rockstar is taking lot of time(nearly 5 years ) on this game so we can expect a great game coming soon. GTA V world would be lot bigger than world of previous version GTA IV etc. and weapnon would also be more and compact as compared to older games of GTA.
There world would consist of Mountains, Beaches, Sea, Town etc and yup the player can swim also and the water will be detailed from inside.

Story :-

The Story would same like older version. There would be criminals and you would have to kill criminals and pass them to become the criminal leader in the city( ya same old story : ) . In GTA V there would be 3 characters Michea,Trevor and Franklin whose stories passes through each other same as in GTA IV liberty city stories. You will complete mission of each of character and together. You can also swich between character during the in GTA V. you can kill people, rob them, steal car, steal money . There would be different weapons you can gain skill of weapons.

There would also be outside mission just like drive a taxi, kill for money etc and you can do them with you normal campaign. You can switch between the three character at any time in the game to play side mission for each of them in GTA V.

The dating thing which was in older version of Grand Theft Auto is said to be absent in GTA V (ohhh no) . But they sould have included some other thing for recreational purposes . Many of the the features from previous version have been altered in GTA V (or said to be altered) . The Vehicles would be same like Cars, Trucks , buses , airplanes etc. and multiplayer is also included in the game.